The world is facing a severe climatic change that is making the Earth hotter and hotter. Yes, as I write this article, there is at least one city that will soon run out of the water, and a portion of an iceberg melting in the Arctic region. The climatic change of my friend is indeed real. The Earth is getting hotter faster than ever. But, what can we do about this? Right? No. We can. Of course, we may not be able to make a very big difference, but we can take that one step closer that could probably save us from facing severe climatic changes.

We Are EcoBuddy” based out of Mumbai, is one such company started by Suraj Raju Said, that promotes sustainability and development of eco-friendly products that make a bigger change to the world.

Suraj Raju Said, a graduate in Business Management from Nottingham Trent University, says, “Initially ‘The EcoBuddy Project’ was started with an intention to create awareness about the plastic pollution that is causing severe harm to our Earth. We then joined hands with NGOs who are working on environmental issues to raise awareness about single-use plastic consumption and its effects on our planet.

  • We Are EcoBuddy team at work
  • Fighting Plastic Pollution
  • Men At work -Planting Trees
  • Volunteering work by Team We Are EcoBuddy
  • Planting Saplings
  • Work In Progress

95% of the world population uses Plastic Toothbrush and Plastic Toiletries on an everyday basis. But these plastics, which are single-use products are causing more harm to the planet.

‘We Are EcoBuddy’ are on a mission to make a difference to the society by promoting eco-friendly daily essentials sustainable lifestyle products that can reduce the single-use plastic consumption across the world.

Suraj Says, “A group of committed youths of various age, gender, nations, dialects, religions, instruction, and professions share an undying love for mother earth, which prompted them to start this venture.

We Are EcoBuddy | The DigiTrails

During their campaign trails across the country, they realized that just making people aware of plastic pollution was not enough. Along the line, the funding for these awareness campaigns was one of the challenges faced by them.

But that did not stop them from conducting Campaigns. A group of friends sharing the same concern about tackling the climatic problems, Suraj and his friends funded these awareness campaigns with their own money.

With an intention to generate funds that help them in conducting these campaigns, Suraj along with his friends from Nottingham Trent University started this project.

Toothbrushes made of Bamboo Fiber, Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner, Stainless Steel Straws, Bamboo Fiber Coffee Mug are some of the products manufactured by We Are EcoBuddy.

  • Stainless Steel Straws
  • Stainless Steel Tounge Cleaner
  • Eco-Buddy Bamboo Fibre Coffee Mug
  • EcoBuddy Rainbow Toothbrush for children
  • EcoBuddy Toothbrush
  • EcoBuddy Bag

Made of Moso Bamboo fibre which is Stronger, lighter, durable than wood, and a natural anti-bacteria is a substitute for daily essentials plastic products which are majorly responsible for plastic pollution and waste generation. They are user-friendly, sustainable, economical, fashionable, reusable, high quality, international standards qualified, durable, and help to reduce waste. Ergonomically designed, these products come with comfortable gripping and anti-spilling.

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When asked about their product expansion, Suraj says, “We aim to convert the buying preference from plastic to eco-friendly products. Different types, styles, and purpose bags made of cotton and jute are in the pipeline to substitute for the single-use plastics.

1% of the revenue generated at We Are EcoBuddy will be utilized to give back to the environment in the form of donations to those organizations working towards environmental betterment.  Let us join hands in making our mother earth more sustainable and environmentally friendly by shifting from single-use plastics to re-useable Bamboo fiber materials that help in reducing plastic waste generation and create a better world for our future generation. To purchase We Are EcoBuddy products, you can visit their Instagram profile or order on


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