Dogs are called Man’s best friend. Many of us come home in the evening to be greeted by our four-legged friends wagging his tail just wanting to be loved more and more. The warm feeling we get by spending even a little time with those fur balls is something beyond explanation.

Most of us, pet parents, bring home a breed of foreign land. Like Labrador, Great Den, Pug, Cocker Spaniel, St.Bernad, and many others. But have you ever considered adopting a stray pup? According to the World Health Organization, about 35 million stray dogs live in India. Imagine, if we adopted one for every 10th house, there will be no strays wandering on the streets looking for a piece of bread or for that little care.

Anoushka Mehta, a 22-year-old Dentistry Student at Manav Rachna Dental College, had a different approach towards these litter. With a crumbled ten-rupee note found in the pocket of her jeans and a packet of biscuits, she started to feed a bitch and her litter.

The Journey                                                     

 “On the periphery of my college, there is a vast jungle. I became a frequent visitor there for a bitch and her litter. We jumped over fallen trees, trekked for a small stretch, amidst that wilderness, I felt like my true self. My friend jokingly said that I reminded her of Mowgli”, Anoushka recalled how her Charity The Modern Mowgli was started.

As she says, Universe orchestrated so well that she only found dogs in distress or ones who needed medical intervention. “With little cash in hand and a lot of unsettled bills at the door, I decided to take up odd jobs. From selling paintings I held dear to my heart to working overtime and writing articles for a website that paid me only 0.04₹ per word.”

For the last four years, she has saved over 100 animals so far, under conditions where they were clinging on to their dead mother and to some extremes where their guts were all around the road after being run over. They all had different stories but they were all given the same gift- second chances.

The Building of The Modern Mowgli

When asked how The Modern Mowgli became one of the go-to for the locals in Delhi and Faridabad, she smiling says, “None of it was planned. I was just too busy sowing the seeds, taking baby steps, adding pieces that I forgot to see the bigger picture that was forming”.

Soon enough, the pack grew from 2 to 140 dogs and we recently celebrated a big milestone. Our charity has served 100,000 meals to 120 homeless animals in three years, she says proudly.

The Modern Mowgli has placed more than 50 Indian dogs and cats in loving homes within India and abroad. Served a hundred sick animals and gotten over 150 dogs sterilized. “Even though this charity is led by a single person, it is supported heavily by people living in different corners of the world, the shared love for animals unifying us all”, says Anoushka

Heart Warming Stories of Adoption

When we asked her to share a story of adoption, she immediately recalled “Fidato”. Fidato was only five days old when he was abandoned on the sidewalks of a crowded bazaar in Chandni Chowk. An aggressive crowd hurriedly stomped on his tiny body, his soft whimpers and coos fell on deaf ears and his eyes were still shut to this world’s speciesism.

Not only Fidato, but Ryan and Aster also flew to Texas in March with their mother Rachael. They were found amongst the ruins of an abandoned garage writhing in pain and hankering for the company. Today, they live a life full of riches.

Incidents that shook our world

Time and again has reminded us that, we failed the world as humans. Humanity does not only exist with a human being but much with animals as well. The recent incident of a baby girl being thrown into a gutter in Haryana which was much later rescued by street dogs reflects the harsh reality of human apathy that has surrounded as the toxic in our society.

Yet these generous acts of these pups fail to be seen by our society. The recent mass killing of dogs in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh gave us chill down the spine. People in power don’t understand that mass extermination isn’t the solution to the rising population of street dogs within our country, it is effective sterilization. It is the ONLY way we can tackle the problem at hand, humanely, says Anoushka.

Become a helping hand

Speaking of the difficulties she faces to keep up with the expenses she incurs, she says, “We frequently post fundraising appeals urging people to become patrons and skip a coffee at Starbucks and become a virtual adopter of one of the one hundred and forty dogs we look after. Mowgli Merchandise is also in the pipeline and we are hoping to launch our own line of T-shirts and other products by the end of August. Needless to say, ALL the profits will go into furthering our cause”.

That extra luxury we often spend on, a mere 10% if we could donate to causes like these, we could help these moderators of change make a big difference in their work. If you are thinking about how you can contribute to such a noble cause, here is how you can do your bit

Account name: Anoushka Mehta

Bank: HDFC bank

Number: 50100041905841

IFSC code: Hdfc0000092

Paytm number- 9910001092

When asked what better we could do as a society to make sure that we provide a safer, equal and an inclusive world for animals, Anoushka says, The biggest thing we can do is to educate ourselves on the laws made to protect our street dogs and stand up for them every time you feel like the law is being violated or their safety is in jeopardy. If we stay mum and uninformed on issues that we support, then what good are we?



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