Starting your own business, and taking the entrepreneur plunge is everyone’s dream. The freedom to be one’s own boss is a desire held in the hearts of many men and women. But before you too leave your job and take the plunge into the entrepreneur journey, note that only about two-thirds of businesses survive the first five years. It requires careful analysis and research. The stage is set in the initial days, so it is necessary you follow all necessary steps that will ensure a solid foundation on which your business will be built.

The way the young Indians shop has changed drastically over the last few years. The average spending capacity of Indian households has increased considerably. This has led to the evolution of a new group of entrepreneurs catering to these target audiences.

Every small business now has the ability to reach a wider audience thanks to the evolution of the internet and better connectivity.

Here are Top 5 business ideas that will work fantastically well if approached in the right way.


Do you love writing? Do you love sharing stories, new concepts and other interesting materials with others and earn that extra income alongside? Then blogging is what you need to consider. It helps you earn money too. Use the correct platform to showcase your talents. If you are someone who loves taking good pictures (could be based on your interests) then Instagram is the platform. Another medium that is currently trending is the Podcasts. With the right research and creating better content than hat already is, it can bring you a good number of followers and even earning in millions.

5 Business Ideas to Start

Coaching Classes

Education has also evolved over the years. Now to start a coaching institute, you do not have to buy or rent a physical building! You sit in your office and teach someone in the United States. That’s how simple it is! The investment is very less and effective.

Recruitment Services

This business is here to stay. No matter what, every company needs a skilled team to carry on its business. There has been quite a lot of innovation in this field of technology. The recruitment process has now been automated in some companies. Recruitment agencies offering these innovative features are thriving. Hence you need to upskill in every industry if you want to outsmart your competitors.

5 Business Ideas to Start

Professional Photography

In the past few years, the spending capacity of Indians has grown manifold. Professional photographers are in high demand. All you have to do is, get hold of some good camera, lenses and photography equipment. People hire photographers for a lot of events now and not just for weddings and birthdays. Other than this, there is huge scope for product photography. Every business wants its products to look good online. For example, if you want to put up your products on amazon. Amazon will only accept pictures that accept their specifications. This is where product photographers come in. Many e-commerce websites have come up over the years that need these services.

5 Business Ideas to Start

Event Management

As mentioned before, the disposable income of young Indians has drastically increased. Also, the age-old beliefs of Indians that you need to save for your future generations, does not resonate with the young Indians. Hence we see them celebrating every event with great grandeur. This has given birth to event managers. If you love organizing, then this business is for you.

5 Business Ideas to Start

With all the health crises happening in the world right now, we are going to face economic hardships and some of us might also be at the edge of losing our jobs. We hope these ideas will bring in hope to re-start life once we win the battle with the COVID-19 together and build a better, stronger and healthier world for our better future. Stay home. Stay Safe.


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