Have you considered the indoor toxic air that is choking us even while we are asleep? Scary right? Get these top 5 Air purifying plants that help reduce the toxic emission in the interiors and help breathe fresh air.

1) English Ivy

The perfect choice for royal house decor that helps removing those harmful chemicals found in the air. This plant can be moulded into any shape and the beautiful pale green colour makes it look classy and elegant. Easy to maintain as it consumes less water and is fully grown even under full sun and full shade. Hang it in the corner of your room and enjoy the beauty bloom in full. Also enjoy the fresh air that is emitted by this easy maintain plant.

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2) Peace Lilly

Easily found in every garden and garden stores, this little white and green plant purifies those toxins in the air and help positive vibes enter your indoors. This beautiful plant makes the perfect choice for those outdoor garden area or terrace gardens that adds up to the glam. These easy maintain plants can be grown in both indoors and outdoors. A garden and a sunset to watch for with fresh air to breathe is every body’s dream evening.

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3) Snake Plant or Mother-In-Laws Tongue

This is the best plant if you have got no time to take care of. Snake plant can be planted even in a small pot rested on a table inside your room. This requires no attention, no pampering or ever no watering. The easy go maintain plant is the best if you are looking for no maintenance and to breathe easy indoors.

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4) Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant in every gardener’s favorite. The structure of the leaves and the think dark green stems makes it to fall for. This can be paired with modern interiors that just add like the extra toppings to make it look grander. This plant requires your attention only once in 10-14 days or when the soil has become too dry. Rubber plant requires less light or indirect sunlight that is not too harsh. This plant is at its excellent par in removing chemical toxins like formaldehyde. So plant these at your homes and forget those chemical toxins in the air.

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5) Spider Plants

Spider Plants are those plants you plant if you want those classy and elegant look to your traditional yet modern decor rooms. These plants are great at removing carbon monoxide, Xylene and other chemicals present in the air. This name is derived from its spider looking web leaves that is spread across the plant. Water as required but do not get panicked if you see the leaves turn brown. It is natural and will turn into green automatically. .


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