Marriages are made in heaven! They often say. Then why not bring down heaven to pull off that perfect wedding that is to last afresh in everyone’s mind for years to come. What are weddings without that grand allure of decorations and arrangements to please our inner self and feel special because why not! We are worth it right? Flowers play a major role in the wedding decorations. From the entrance, the main stage, a venue to the garland, everywhere flowers are used in large quantities. But are you using the right flowers to make that wedding look grander and royal?

Here are 10 flowers that make any wedding look more fancier and royal! Who doesn’t want a royal wedding after all?

1. Red Roses

Be it a south Indian Wedding or North Indian Wedding, Roses are one such flower that will leave a lasting impact for that perfect backdrop. It is simply not said that roses are the queen of the flowers right? Include those red roses for that perfect romantic and yet royal for that beautiful backdrop for the stage that makes any place look more royal and aesthetic. A stage filled with beautiful roses in the backdrop is all you want to make that special day more special.

2. Allium

This flower comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes. These make it great for those corners of the wedding hall or you can place it right next to the guest seating area paired with plain transparent vases that adds glory to the beautiful decor.

3. Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath is quite famous with the florist. These are usually tucked in each and every bouquet and are loved for its minimal looking yet elegant that makes those floral bouquets quite elegant in your hand. But have you ever wondered that they would make for an amazing decor indoors as well? Yes, pair it with dark color flowers on that vase & put it on the dining tables to give it a fresh garden look for the decor.

4. Tulips

Tulips are my personal favorite for its amazing looking petals and those long stems that come along. These are those royal flowers that are not only expensive but quite hard to find it on a regular market in India.  These make great for those beautiful mandaps or on the aisle for the bride. Make sure to add them to your list. This will definitely give you those royal vibes

5. Orchids

Did I just say that Orchids are every women’s favorite? IF you are planning a beach wedding, do not forget Orchids. This makes the perfect match for a beach wedding and those floral Mandaps or canopy on a beautiful sunny day. Just trust Orchids for those dreamy decors at your weddings and it will never let you down

6. Purple Lilacs

The beautiful purple adds that elegance and gives that dignified look for any decor with Purple Lilacs with you. These beautiful flowers can be used for an outdoor wedding accompanying a floral mandap with hanging Purple Lilacs in the middle giving decor goals for your guests. Or you may use these as a side decor for the guest’s line for your reception to leave them spellbound.

7. Rajinigandha

Usually, Rajinigandha was used as a garland to greet guests of the groom. But off lately, these have gained the attention of the wedding planners to use these as main decor flowers for Mehendi functions to those big days. A stack of Rajinigandha paired with Marie gold hung upside down is way trendier than any other flowers currently. This gives more traditional vibes and the fragrance released by Rajinigandha spreads those positive vibes in at the venue.

8. Mari Gold

Mari Gold is traditionally used in every festival in India. It is used right from the wall decors to the garlands for the bride and the groom at weddings. But the classy look of those orange colors cannot be matched with any other seasonal flowers. So if you plan to go all traditional and ethnic, Marie Gold is what you need to look at.

9. Lilies

God created beautiful Lilies so that you can feel and see how heavenly his creation could be. Lilies, especially white Lilies are the best of the beautiful flowers around. They mesmerize you with the beauty of those petals and the aroma that spreads like a wildfire. You can go either with a complete decor with Lilies or pair it up with flowers like Tulips or Oxeye Daisies for that captivating look.

10. Ranunculus

These beautiful round-shaped Ranunculus make up for all the sins you do to get hold of these amazing flowers. They come in close round shape and in different colors that make any venue look nothing less than royal. These beautiful flowers not only make up for those perfect backdrops for the stage but also on the dining table in a transparent vase paired with nothing but other beautiful Ranunculus, These lavish flowers are what you need for that perfect royal and spellbound wedding ever.



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