When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls! ― Ted Grant

Weddings are a beautiful bond that every couple cherishes and freezes their relationship for a life time in front of the world. It is every girls dream to get married one day. The day where they celebrate their togetherness and look forward as they embark on their new journey towards happily ever-after.

While the entire sequence in a preparation for wedding take place, the utmost importance is given to photographs. Because, why not? It is only way of documenting your happiness and cherishing it for a lifetime.

Here are the 10 Best Wedding Photographers in India you need to follow on Instagram before you plan on your wedding to get some Photospiration

1) Stories by Joseph Radhik

Stories by Joseph Radhik
Stories Wedding Photography
Batata wada Slow Cheeta
Wedding Photography
Happy Brides
Pre Wedding Photo Shoot
Viral Photos
Viral Wedding Photos
Image Credits- @StoriesbyJosephRadhik Instagram handle

This company is every girl’s dream photographer. I do not know about you, but definitely mine 😉

Stories is founded by Joseph Radhik who specialises in wedding photography. Also a multi award winning Photography Company, they are the go to photographers for celebrity weddings from Tollywood Samantha Akkineni & NagaChaitanya to the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli and Actress Anushka Sharma. Stories do not just photograph you, but brings in a story in each and every frame. They are undoubtedly the Best Wedding Photographers currently in India. Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram and envy the couples who have been photographed by them.

2) Studio A Weddings

Soundary Rajinikanth
Rajinikanth Tamil SuperStar
Studio A Weddings
Wedding Photoshoot
South Indian Wedding
Super Star Wedding
Happy Brides
South India Brides

Image Credits- @studioa_weddings Instagram handle

Studio A Weddings run by the very talented photographer Amar Ramesh makes your special day even more special by those spectacular shots which makes you eager to upload on social media. Those enriching captures of colors, emotions, and celebrations are neatly carved into masterpieces. When you have these guys at your wedding, you don’t have to pose or be photo-ready all the time. Just be yourself and trust these guys for those amazing picture which can be viral worthy.

3) Dipak Studios

Dipak Studios
Couple Photo Shoot
Couple in Rain Photo Shoot
wedding Photography
Pre Wedding Photography
Happy Brides

Image Credits- @dipak_studios Instagram handle

Dipak Studios is one of the celebrated wedding photographers in the country. Started back in  1962, these guys have come a long way in redefining the wedding photography. They weave the emotions of a Situation so neatly that you actually relive those memories when you see the photographs. They ensure that they bring out the pure joy and emotion of a bride and spread that contagious smile and joyfulness with their amazing work. Dipak Studios definitely should be on every couples list for their big day.

4) Cupcake Productions

Cupcake Productions
Wedding Images
Couple Photoshoot
Pre wedding Photo shoot
Pre wedding photography

Image Credits- @cupcakeproductions13 Instagram handle

Not sure what is more unique. The name or how they capture an emotion. The husband wife duo Shruti khanna & Jayant Chhabra co-founded CupCake Productionsand have travelled across the country showcasing their beautiful art and passion for capturing true emotions. These guys are brilliant with their different perspectives of framing and capturing an image and are loved by their clients for their true art work. Be sure to check their Instagram handle and follow for some amazing inspirations for your wedding pictures.

5) Reels and Frames

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja
Sonam Kapoor
Anand Ahuja
Reels and Frames
Anand Rathi
Sonam Kapoor Wedding Pictures
Happy Brides
Brides in red Lehenga
Brides in Lehenga

Image Credits- @ReelsAndFrames Instagram handle

Sonam Kapoor’s wedding to Anand Ahuja is still fresh in our minds. That red lehenga stole the show. But do you remember the picture where Sonam looks gorgeously in love with her husband? That, not less than a fairy tale wedding was captured by these guys. Yup that’s right! The seamlessly amazing work byReels and Framesmade us fall in love with their wedding celebrations. All the pictures were dapper good and made our heads turn at the wedding photographers. Check their Instagram account to see some of the spectacular shots that makes you go drool.

6) Studio Kelly Photography

Studio Kelly Photography
Punjabi weddings
Wedding pictures
Viral wedding Pictures
Bride and Groom
Wedding Photography
happy brides

Image Credits- @studiokellyphotography Instagram handle

Studio Kelly Photography started 13 years ago with a mission to create memories to you and your families through capturing you at the best. They not only create memories but sculpt it the way their clients wishes to perceive it. They know their job the best and excel at every frames and shot they capture. The best part you ask? They are at their best when they craft luxury Cinematic Wedding Films for their clients. Drop by their Instagram account to see some of their marvel pieces

7) ShutterDown Photography

Shutterdown Photography
Wedding Photography
Bride and Niece 
Viral Wedding photos
Happy Brides
wedding photoshoot with children

Image Credits- @shutterdownpotography Instagram handle

Planning a destination wedding? Look no further. ShutterDown Photography is who you need to get in touch with. Those mesmerising pictures that resonate with the mood of the celebrations and to get those priceless moments with your lil ones. Be sure that these are the guys who will be in sync with your mindset on your big day. Led by Lakshya Chwala, Shutterdown Photography is popularly known as “Destination Wedding Specialist” understand your every move and get those priceless candid’s that are surely to go viral. One such image is above. Follow them on Instagram to see those timeless pieces come alive.

8) Knotting Bells

Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla
Tele couple
Tele couples wedding
Wedding Photography
Knotting Bells
Filmy Wedding
Fairy Tale wedding

Image Credits- @knottingbellsphotography Instagram handle

When you are getting married and not really sure who to contact for your wedding photography, with no second doubt, let Knotting Bells handle the work. Their name is often heard at celebrity weddings. The recent wedding of a Tele couple Rubina Dilaik & Abhinav Shukla and many others were shot by Knotting Bells for their fairy tales kind of a wedding. Founded by Shreya Bhagat and Rajesh Satankar, says that lens is enough to tell an entire story. They firmly believe in making a wedding straight of a fairy tale and have been successfully doing so.

9) WhatKnot Wedding Photography

Haldi Ceremony
Pre Wedding rituals
Family and bride
happy brides
wedding photoshoot
WhatKnot Wedding Photography

Image Credits- @Whatknotweddingphotography Instagram handle

Story telling is an art. And when you master it to tell the story through stills and images, you create a wonderland of memories where photographers become the magicians and the camera the magic wand that creates some amazing marvellous features  on screen. WhatKnot Wedding Photography surely knows how to bring that uniqueness every time they click that shutter button. Each work is a gem and only makes the way to be a goal setters for every other wedding. Be sure to check their priceless work on Instagram.

10) Light Bucket Productions 

Wedding pictures by Light Bucket Productions
Viral Images of couple
Bride and groom wedding photography

Image Credits- @lightbucketproductions Instagram handle

Light Bucket Photography is a group of Photographers, cinematographers , editors and other technicians coming together as one family to brighten up the wedding by creating a visually appealing wedding photographs that are highly energetic and glamours at the same time. They just don’t make photographs but artists painting through lens that brings out an effect in memories that needs to be cherished for life. The happiness, sadness and the madness all together combined in one frame is aesthetically presented in a manner that upholds the values and tradition at once. Do check their profile on Instagram and don’t forget to follow them.


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